Our Story

Throughout the world, kebab has become a universal word to define skewers of grilled meat, as well as vegetables.

Kabob Shack is a new contemporary Kabob Restaurant serving a range of Afghan, Persian, South Asian styled kabobs and other eastern dishes, fresh salads and sweets. At Kabob Shack savor our kabobs, marinated with herbs and spices, broiled with fresh onions and peppers, and served with rice and your choice of salad. Choose from our selection of Vegetarian dishes, all cooked with fresh sauces and herbs, and served with flavored rice and salad.

Here in Kabob Shack, we would like you not to just admire and feel the warmth of the casual atmosphere and design, it is where you can relax and enjoy the cuisines at a very affordable price.

Kabob Shack is your choice whether you are at a rush to grab a quick lunch in between your classes or during the break from work or for an easy couple’s dinner and friends & family get-together. We are committed to providing you with a refreshingly authentic food using all-fresh ingredients that support a healthy lifestyle in a truly delicious way.

Here the staff and management make it their priority to ensure that customers receive excellent service and are served with meals of highest quality in presentation, refinement and taste.

Our Story